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SRJax Online Store​

Welcome to the online store for the Scottish Rite of Jacksonville, Fl. This is the place for members of the Scottish Rite and other Master Masons to arrange for the purchase of routine items like tickets for the Dinner at the monthly meeting. Tickets for special events throughout the year will be posted here also as the relevant date approaches.

You will also find sundry of items of interest to our Brothers. Items offered via the online store will also be available at SRJax an on display in the main dinning room. All manner of things will be found via the LINKS on this page including Scottish Rite Shirts and Hats and Boxes, Challenge Coins of numerous variety, Lapel Pins too numerous to list, Decals, Neckties, and even a Gold Watch.

Please peruse the links on this page to view items currently available and check in occasionally to keep current with new merchandise. Items may be picked up at SRJax. Again, this store is for the use and benefit of members of the Scottish Rite and other Master Masons and is not intended for use by the general public. 

Appropriate Sales Tax will be added on checkout.


SRJax Online Store

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