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The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, Inc. was established in 1975 and the first Aphasia Clinic was opened in Tampa. Since that first clinic opened, the Florida Scottish Rite Brethren have established additional clinics in Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Lakeland, New Port Richey, Orlando, Palm Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota. During the short period of time since the inauguration of this program, the Childhood Language Disorder Clinics of Florida have treated thousands of children, with a high percentage of these being either cured or greatly improved.

The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Centers and Clinics

are endeavoring to make an impact on language problems

by providing services throughout the United States of America.

The Jacksonville Scottish Rite Joins Wolfson Children's

Rehabilitation Services at Baptist Health Center in this endeavor.

Approximately 46 Million people in the United States live with

some type of Communication Disorder.

By 1 - 2 YEARS a child should follow simple directions,

point to several body parts, combine two words,

and ask simple questions.

BY 2 - 3 YEARS a child should follow a two-step command,

understand simple opposites, use 2 - 3 word sentences, and have a

word for almost everything. The following sounds should be

produced: n, m, p, h, w, b.

BY 3 - 4 YEARS a child should answer who, what, where, and when questions,

talk about things he/she does, and use frequent sentences with 4 or more

words. The sounds listed above should be present, in addition to k, g, t, d, and ng.

You should be concerned if ...

 there is no communication by age 1

speech is not understandable

speech or language is different than that of other children the same age

a child is stuttering frequently beyond the age of 3

a child does not understand what others are saying

Language is the foundation of our intellectual, educational and social development.

The help children receive at the Scottish Rite Clinic has a lasting impact on their lives.

For more information on the Scottish Rite Foundation

Scottish Rite Foundation

Valley of Jacksonville

965 Hubbard St.

Jacksonville, Fl 32206

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