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Council of Kadosh 19th through 30th Degrees

The Nineteenth Degree

"Grand Pontiff"

The great lesson of this degree is that life, when

properly lived, is but a bridge to eternal life

The Twentieth Degree

"Master of the Symbolic Lodge"

This degree teaches that a Mason who knows that he

does not possess the qualities of leadership, and who has not duly prepared himself to be a leader, should not want to be one.

Twenty-first Degree

"Noachite, or Prussian Knight"

The principle lesson of this degree is to not be conceited

or belittle others.

The Twenty-second Degree

"Knight Royal Axe, Prince of Libanus"

Manual and mental work complete one another; thus, one who works in either manual or mental labor should not try to exploit, or oppress the other.

The Twenty-third Degree

'Chief of the Tabernacle"

In this degree, we are reminded that we owe our knowledge to our faith in a revealed God.

The Twenty-fourth Degree

"Prince of the Tabernacle"

This is a continuation of the last degree and examines the nature of knowledge.

The Twenty-fifth Degree

"Knight of the Brazen Serpent"

This degree teaches the virtue of hospitality.

The Twenty-sixth Degree

"Prince of Mercy"

The trinity of Deity belongs to no single religion. The truths of Masonry are contained within the religions of the world

The Twenty-seventh Degree

"Knight Commander of the Temple"

This degree teaches the virtues of knighthood and asks its adherents to practice these virtues in life.

The Twenty-eighth Degree

"Knight of the Sun or

Prince Adept"

Be a lover of wisdom.

The Twenty-ninth Degree

"Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew"

In this degree, the Mason learns that there is no

contradiction between religion and science; that

religion can be better understood through science and science can be better understood by religion.

The Thirtieth Degree

"Knight Kadosh or Knight

of the White and Black Eagle"

To spread

the sciences, to apply the virtues, to learn the sublime doctrines which enable humanity to live as one great family - this is the school of which Masonry is engaged.

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