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The Lodge of Perfection--4th through 15h --The Ineffable Degrees

The Fourth Degree

"Secret Master"

This Degree deals with the concepts of duty.

The Fifth Degree

"Perfect Master"

The moral teachings of this degree is that we live in peace with our own conscience and are honored by good people when we perform our duties honestly and diligently.

The Sixth Degree

"Intimate Secretary"

The principle lesson of this degree is that decisions should

not be made only on appearances.

The Seventh Degree

"Provost and Judge"

All actions have consequences

Be just in judging others' motives."

The Eighth Degree

"Intendant of the Building"

This degree investigates the necessity of acting on what

we learn; and that we should freely transmit our knowledge to others.

The Ninth Degree

"Elu of the Nine"

It is our duty to morally raise our own conscience, to enlighten our souls and minds so that we may actively participate in instructing and enlightening others.

The Tenth Degree

"Elu of the Fifteen"

To always be opposed to ignorance,

fanaticism, and tyranny.

The Eleventh Degree

"Elu of the Twelve"

This degree emphasizes that life is a school for moral and

spiritual training; that the entire lesson is a course in virtue, happiness, and a future existence.

The Twelfth Degree

"Master Architect"

This degree forces the Mason to consider the problems

of his social life; that the life we have and the world we live in are what we make them by our own social character, by our ability to adapt to our fellows, our relationships, and our circumstances.

The Thirteenth Degree

"Royal Arch Of Solomon"

By seeking knowledge and moral character and

being guided by faith and reason, the Mason will know how to combine science and religion, philosophy and theology; and recognize that these notions do not contradict each other, but form a harmonious whole.

The Fourteenth Degree

"Perfect Elu"

the Mason finds the

meaning of the concept of Deity in his own conscience, and thus opens for himself the gate to true knowledge.

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