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Knights of Light

Co Consul: Jeffrey Starke 32° KCCH

Co Consul: William Crime32° KCCH

To be a Knight of Light is through invitation only.

A Knight of Light, is charged with constantly improving their own mind, and disseminating their knowledge to their brothers. To that purpose the re-commitment of our Knighthood is necessary on an annual basis so as to reaffirm the seriousness, zeal, and purpose of our cause, and allow those unwilling to fall by the wayside; no longer hampering our progress.

2021 Members

Todd Connor

Mike Faye

Darrell Cleveland

Daniel Garelick

David Wood

James Ottinger

2021 Education Series Jan- Aug

2nd Wednesday of the month

Meet M.E. at the M.C. Masonic Education at the Masonic Center

6:30 Assemble Dining room

6:50 Open Remarks: Prayer, Pledge, Instructor introductions

7:00 Knights of Light Education Series: Dining Hall

Instructor: varies monthly

7:30 Zone MLT: Ida Rabun Room, Dinind room , Roy T Lord Classroom

Instructors: Brian Poole, Chris Lanham, Tom Olsen


to be announce December 2021



Links to research, papers,presentations


Early Masonic History--Mike Fay

Masonic Contemplation --- Paolo Santo

Funerals--Bill Crime

Funerals Pt1- Getting the Call, to the Ceremony; The red Tape of Masonic Funerals

Funerals Pt2- The Wilmer Atwell Addition and the Masonic Service Record