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Knights of Light

Founded by:

William Crime 32° KCCH and

Jeffery Starke 32° KCCH

Co Consul: Todd Connor 32° KCCH

Co Consul: William Crime 32° KCCH

To be a Knight of Light is through invitation only.

A Knight of Light, is charged with constantly improving their own mind, and disseminating their knowledge to their brothers. To that purpose the re-commitment of our Knighthood is necessary on an annual basis so as to reaffirm the seriousness, zeal, and purpose of our cause, and allow those unwilling to fall by the wayside; no longer hampering our progress.

Knights of Light Education Series

The Knights of Light are dedicated to spreading the Light of Masonry to Masons of Northeast Florida. Here is a list of the lectures which are presently available for presentation. If you would like one of our Knights to visit your Masonic event to deliver our work, please get in touch with Todd Connor at to plan an event. If you would like to keep in touch on the latest updates on available content from our Order, our Knights regularly attend the Northeast Florida Masonic Association meetings on the 4th Wednesdays or month.

Funerals -- William Crime

Funerals Pt1- Getting the Call, to the Ceremony; The red Tape of Masonic Funerals

Funerals Pt2- The Wilmer Atwell Addition and the Masonic Service Record

A lodge has three lights, how situated? -- David Wood

Light Lecture -- David Wood

Squaring the Circle -- David Wood

The Square and Compasses, the Pythagorean Triangle, and Phi -- Todd Connor

Cosmic Encampment -- Jeff Stark

Feast of Tishri -- Jeff Stark

Symbols of Time -- Jeff Stark

Uriel & Freemasonry -- Jeff Stark

Masonic and Alchemical Connection -- Michael Fay

Early Masonic History -- Michael Fay

Masonic Contemplation -- Darrell Cleveland

Darkness to Light -- Todd Connor

Emblems of the Master Mason -- Todd Connor

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