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Annual Clay Shoot

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Commander  Larry Elkins 32° KCCH

Vice Commander Robert Johns 32° KCCH

Secretary Tom Olsen 32° KCCH

KNIGHTS COMMANDER COURT OF HONOUR, abbreviated KCCH, is not a Degree, but an investiture. The rank and decoration of Knights Commander of the Court of Honour is bestowed on members deserving recognition for good and faithful service to the Scottish Rite. Nominations for this honor are made by the respective Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals, or Deputies of each Orient and must be approved by the Supreme Council. The rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour cannot be requested as it is an honorary title. It is normally prerequisite to receiving the Thirty-third Degree Inspector General Honorary at some time later, though few reach this distinction. The Brothers wearing the "Red Caps" have received the rank and decoration of Knights Commander of the Court of Honour.

  Knight Commander of the Court of Honour is a Scottish Rite Honor peculiar to the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, except that the Philippines, formerly of the Southern Jurisdiction prior to 1949, have continued it as one of the honors bestowed by the Supreme Council.

As a service organisation within the Jacksonville Scottish Rite the KCCH mission is to mentor new Scottish Rite Masons and provide leadership for activities and projects