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Chapter of Rose Croix 15th through 18th Degrees

The Fifteenth Degree

"Knight of the East, of the

Sword or of the Eagle"

This degree teaches that it is not possible to keep people in slavery once they know the value of liberty and can decide for themselves how to define it.

 The Sixteenth Degree

"Prince of Jerusalem"

This degree emphasizes the fact that one must use

every means to be beneficial for the society in which one lives.

The Seventeenth Degree

"Knight of the East and West"

In this degree, Masonry says only one thing - differences

in religions will not matter, and these differences will not hinder people to live together in peace if all people gather sincerely around the belief and concept of the GAOTU.

The Eighteenth Degree

"Knight of the Rose Croix"

This degree teaches that, in reality, what causes us to be immortal is affection; is love.